The book 'Words From My Father'  was published by Waldorf Publishing on 9/15/2017.  It is a collection of the notes written thru April, 2016 and is available on Amazon and other retailers.  Click here to see the Author Page on Amazon

Occasionally there has been reflection on how this started and how it came to be a book.  At first there was just the urge to write something to send in a note to family.  Each was just a few thoughts that would not be at peace until written and sent.  
After some time, it became apparent it was the Holy Spirit planting the seeds for each note, and then helping me write the words as it needed to be told.  Still, every note is sent wrapped in the hope and the prayer that I got it right.  
When approached about doing a book, it seemed this random collection of notes would not make a viable book.  Then, after putting it together, I could see the threads he had created – stories of living our faith.  It became apparent this was his plan all along.    
Why he picks such unworthy people to do his work is a mystery - it seems this is how our Lord has always chosen his workers.  In John 1:27, John the Baptist speaks of this, "The strap of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie."    
Turns out he has work for all of us, and I rejoice that he has given me this to do for him.  
David Weber